Best Metal Detector for Beginners

You have probably heard about people forming groups to go on treasure-hunting missions. You have no idea how to go about it but your interest in metal detecting seems to be heightening as time progresses. By now, you must have visited several detecting platforms and read hundreds of opinions, reviews and case studies which are mostly likely to be biased. Do you fall under this category? If so, then this article will hasten your search for the best metal detectors and elaborate on what to consider before making your final choice.

Unlike other simple gadgets such as computers and phones, metal detectors need be properly utilized to understand how they operate. You really need to take it for test-drive to determine if it suits your intended use. For this reason, this article will help you in finding what you are looking for.

To be honest, biased opinions are cash cow entities who just want to convince you into buying their products. The question you should be asking is, “Which is the best metal detector suited for my treasure hunting and tailored according to my budget?”

This question may attract several answers. Bear in mind that there are a few factors which may or may not affect your decision-making process. This article is to give realistic views so you have a rough idea of what suits your hobby you. We hope to have provided you some options to find the best metal detector for beginners with our article.

Factors to consider when choosing a suitable metal detector

How skilled am I?

As a newbie, you probably have no experience whereas metal detecting is concerned. Your best alternative would be to begin with an entry level machine. You cannot begin to imagine the amount of stress that comes with using a complicated gadget. Ordinarily, all metal detectors are designed to detect metal just like phones are used for interactions. What makes one extraordinary is extra features and enhancements.

To begin with, go for one falling between the ranges of $150 and $300. Anything below that is considered ineffective; more like an amateur. This is your best option if you have never had a first-hand experience with metal detectors. Of course, not everyone has more than that kind of money to waste on something they wouldn’t even utilize.

What do I intend to find with the metal detector?

Depending on the specific activity you would like to participate in, certain machines may be recommended. Nevertheless, most of them are designed to detect metals such as; 


The good news is that most machines are built to detect coins and jewelry. You can buy them at only $600 and below. The worst thing that could happen is to buy one meant for digging gold. In any case you are going for the gold, consider going for Fisher Gold Bug 2. Besides a three-ground balance setting which can easily be adjusted to suit the environment for which it is designed for, it has an iron disc which rejects any iron or unwanted metals you are not interested in finding. Obviously, they have high frequencies which are cumbersome to work with.

Just in case you are planning on hunting in areas with so much minerals, ensure your metal detectors is fitted with a balance control feature. Most experts recommend the Bounty Hunter Legacy 1500 as the best entry level metal detector. Of course you have other options to explore if you are still in doubt.


If you are planning to hunt for jewelry, consider staying using a machine under 15kHz. Frequency and depth have inverse relationships. This means, the higher the frequency and depth, the less depth you will acquire on the recommended coin sizes.

For both coin and jewelry, stick to a machine without pulse induction (PI). They are designed for salty water and gold hunting. Alternatively, you can settle for Garrett GTI 2500 Pro Package to locate jewelry on any location.


Relic hunting favors most machines since it requires basic rules. If you want to go for complex relics, consider finding machines with the following additional features;

  • Large coil
  • Moderately higher frequency
  • Sustainable threshold
  • Iron audio
  • Combination of manual and auto-ground balance.

Most experts believe the Tesoro Vaquero is the best relics’ detector for beginners. However, most of them find its price of $450 unusually high since they are new at it. Interestingly, it is quite versatile as the ground balance can be adjusted to suit your purpose.

Where can I find these valuables?

The area you are planning to go on a hunt greatly translates to the type of metal detector you will use. For instance, pulse induction detectors such as Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II is designed for highly mineralized locations. In case you plan on settling for areas with water bodies, ensure its coil and shaft are waterproof. Children are most likely to go on watery areas hence it should be waterproof.

A waterproof detector does not necessarily have to be placed on the surface of the water. Therefore, feel free to dive under the water to find what you are looking for. Detectors which can easily be submerged is a plus.

Trashy areas require use of detectors that can separate it from the hidden pressure. The last thing you want is getting signals each time it detects an unusual object. The Garrett AT Pro is considered the best at unearthing treasures among all the junk. Moreover, it can still be used on salty water and still help you find what you are looking for.

Who is going to use it?

Treasure hunting is best done as a group. Therefore, if you are planning to go at it with your family members, consider getting a flexible detector to match everyone’s need. Thanks to technology advancements, new gadgets contain extra features which can easily be adjusted to suit your needs. Remember, it might feel heavier than usual as it is your first time using it.

What Size coil do I want for my metal detector ?

Having a bigger coil will guarantee a wider search with each pass. For a newbie, it may seem cumbersome to detect where the object is situated at one instance. The most appropriate coil size should be around 8”. Obviously, this is big enough to cover a wider area and it will also give a clear picture of where the object is situated.

How much money am I willing to spend on a metal detector ?

Thanks to online platforms, metal detectors can be bought at a price as low as $50. The most you can part with is $1,000. The worst decision to make is to part with so much yet fail to get value for your money. The Treasure Cove Sand and Surf is one of the cheapest metal detectors found under the Best Under $100 designed for newbies. Not only is it affordable, but it is also efficient enough to separate iron and silver from silver and gold. Before making your purchasing decision, ensure it has all the features you require.

How to find the best metal detector for a beginner

By now, you probably have an idea of what a good metal detector looks like and its features. Finding it becomes the biggest assignment. Your best and cheaper option is to seek opinions from close friends and family to find out what they use. Veteran hunters have specific preferences depending on the features they are looking for. Do not ignore a good advice.

So, none of your close loved one has ever gone for treasure hunting? Worry not! The internet is there for you. Simply find a site whose members share your interest in metal detecting and pose a question. Of course, they will respond. Now, use opinions from people who have had a first-hand experience with the devices you want to know about. Again, their opinions will be biased depending on experiences they have had.

Still unsatisfied with their answers? Consider going straight to sites that sell metal detectors. Most of them give you an opportunity to compare and contrast where two to three metals will be highlighted. Go for one with positive reviews since they are likely to suit your demand. Once you have narrowed down your search, consider making a physical visit to these stores to test the gadgets. Sounds old-fashioned but you are justified to do so!

The top multi-purpose metal detectors for beginners

When looking at the best metal detectors for beginners you can categorize the metal detectors  into three basic levels;

1.             Entry Level metal detectors for beginners

  • Fisher F4 : Our favorite pick for an entry level metal detector

2.             Mid-level metal detectors for beginners

3.             Highend metal detectors for beginners

Other notable metal detectors for beginners include the Tesoro compadre metal detector and  the Garrett ace 300 metal detector

Summary : what makes a good metal detector for a beginner?

This article has given a clear idea of what an ideal metal detector for newbies should look like.  The decision to get the best and get real value for your money is entirely on your hands. If you are still unsure of what you should look for, consider consulting the right experts. With the number of gadgets flooding the market, it is evident treasure hunting will not go away anytime soon.  Who knows? You might be the lucky newbie who walks away with some of the most prized treasures!

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