Metal detectors: What is the best relic hunting metal detector ?

When going treasure hunting , looking for relics can be very exciting. All over the world many relics remain hidden as a result of the many wars and conquests that happened throughout history. But how do you get started in this specific type of treasure hunting? Let us guide you in finding the best metal detector for Relic hunting.

What is considered relic Metal detecting

Metal detecting for relics is often referred too as coin shooting. Although this term is broadly used , relic hunting is not exactly the same. Typically relic hunters go to old settlements or battlefields to find artifacts or relics that are left behind and have been buried over the years.This can include coins , but this really is a completely different matter.

How to select the best sites to find relics ?

​There are many good public and private relic hunting sites that are open to go and hunt for treasure. The best way to find them is to use google to locate old historical sites or battlefields. Campsites, bridge crossings and similar places are all areas where large numbers of relics may be found. Where ever you go make sure you checked the local or national laws for the specific areas you want to go hunting on. In addition when you go hunting on private property make sure you get permission from the owner first.ake the time to do your research as your rewards can be great.

What types of objects Can you find ?

Depending on the actual location you select, the finds will vary from weapons (swords, bullets, balls), treasure ( coins, cups, jewellery) to clothing accessories (buckles, pins, buttons). You never know what will appear next in your hunt , which is one of the aspects that makes relic hunting very exciting.

The actual value of the relic depends on the condition of the item and the rarity of the find. For example civil was buttons can be priced from 100$ up to 2500$. While there are many battlefields to be found, these are not the only places where you will find valuable relics.

Armies typically travel long distances and campsites along the way are good places to find relics. Where ever you go make sure you have fun, take your time enjoying the full experience, the actual find is only half the experience.

What are good detectors for relic hunting ?

There are many features to consider when selecting a metal detector to be used for relic hunting. As you will be hunting in different areas the types of ground will also vary a lot.

For example the American civil war took place throughout the South Eastern United states, an area with a lot of heavy mineralization.

To make sure you can use your metal detector also in these areas you will need to consider a metal detector that has ground adjust or ground balance control. This feature will allow you to filter out the interference from the minerals without compromising the sensitivity to the relics.

Another important feature to consider is the frequency of the detector. Many of the relics you will find are made from iron, steel or brass. These materials have a low conductivity so they are difficult to locate when using the wrong frequency.

Metal detectors with a lower frequency are better to find these type or relics. Also make sure you select a detector with pinpointing control , this makes it easier for you to recover your find.

What accessories will you need ?

As with any type of metal detecting using the right accessories determine your success .

The first thing you should consider is have a good set of metal detecting headphones. For example the depthmaster audiophone II is a great and affordable choice. They will block external sounds and also disable your detectors external speaker.

Thanks to this your battery will last a bit longer on your detector. When going on a relic hunt make sure you bring a high quality digging tool like the Lesche line. They offer a wide range of high quality tools suitable for all kinds of relic hunting.

Lastly you want to consider also bringing one or more additional accessory coils. Remember the larger the search coil the deeper you can search. Smaller coils will not go as deep but allow you to detect smaller objects. They will also come in handy when you are hunting near large metal objects like fences.

What is the difference between a Relic metal detector and other types of metal detectors ?

​As already explained above Relic metal detectors need more customization and configuration. These detectors give the user many features, options and modes to give them the best changes of finding valuable Relics. For those of you that have been metal detecting with an entry level machine, there is plenty of junk in the ground !

The different configurations you can do with a relic metal detecting machine are useful to find the right targets and skip the bad ones. Thanks so balancing ground balance, sensitivity and discrimination. Almost all metal detecting units can do this , but relic metal detecting machines enable you to really fine tune these settings.

The following entry level relic hunting metal detectors are great for first time hunters:

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