Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro

The Bounty Hunter brand has renewed its range of leisure metal detectors with more attractive modern designs, all equipped with display screens and with performances that have not gone unnoticed. The Land Ranger Pro Metal Detector is the result of nine years of research and development by the US manufacturer, Bounty Hunter who is a division of the “The First Texas Product Company” (they are also behind the metal detector companies Fisher Research Labs as well as Teknetics).

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The Review: Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro:

​When I started looking at the Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro for this review, the first thing that came out was the quality to price ratio of this detector (hint, it is budget friendly). This is a metal detector with numerous awesome features some similar to others but ​others really caught my attention. Below I have broken down  a couple aspects of the Bounty Hunter that stood out right from the start:

Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro:

Water proof coil: I found the water proof Double D coil very distinguishing. It is not something you would miss especially since it is available at less than $250 while most manufacturers are still releasing all their devices with entry-level metal detectors with concentric cols. Don’t get me wrong, concentric coils have been around since the early days of metal detecting and can still be a winner in polluted terrain. Its selectivity is indisputable, nevertheless, I think the double D is more versatile and its power appreciable.

​Computerized Ground Balancing:​ This is the second attractive feature I liked about the Bounty Hunter metal detector. Unfortunately, most mid range detectors are not equipped with such an aspect. (and it is a pity …). If you are farmiliar with metal detectors, you might be aware that all the detectors have a system of compensation of the effects of soil. However, few of these mechanisms are adjustable to ensure the stability of the Metal detectors on most terrains. In fact, some manufacturers set them a bit high so users are not surprised by unstable devices.

​Therefore, it is normal to find a ground set too high, depending on the terrain, unfortunately can reduce the performance of your device by 20%. Luckily, Bounty Hunter understood this, and that is why it offers you  a stable “Ground Grab”.

The Land Ranger Pro’s Features and Functions

Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro

V-Break: Variable Tone Break Point:

The ”  V-BREAK ” function allows the user to change the audio response of certain targets. It  makes it possible to determine to what conductivity threshold the target will sound in bass for an optimal recognition of the ferrous.

For example, if the V-BREAK is set to 50, all targets with a conductivity rating of less than 50 will have a low tone, targets of above 50 will keep their normal tone.

This function does not change the detector’s performance but allows the user to customize its metal detector in terms of having control of its target treasure .

Multi Tone:

The Land Ranger Pro is a multi-tone instrument, this means it produces different sounds depending on the metal detected. This is in the scale: low for the ferrous ones; medium for the aluminum and acute for the copper and the silver. It is an additional function to the conductivity index, it helps in providing valuable and more specific information about the detected object.

So how does this work? Depending on the detection program selected, the detector will emit 2 to 4 different tones that vary depending on the conductivity of the target. The more conductive the target is, the louder the sound. The less conductive the target is, the more the sound will go towards the bass.

Once a sound is emitted by the detector, the screen indicates the detected object's conductivity. The conductivity index ranges from 0 to 99. The higher the index, the more conductive the target and vice versa.
(See chart below for description of tones induced by different metals in different

Ground Grab – Ground Balance:

​Most metal detectors are designed so as not to react to the natural mineralization of many terrains. However, setting is generally very high and not modifiable to have stable detectors on almost all the grounds.

The perverse effect of this is that a rejection of soil effects is too high and can cause a detector to lose up to 20% power.

Good news is that the Land Range Pro has adjustable ground effects. This provides  an option for modifying the "Ground grab" ​depending on the terrain being explored which in turn yeilds  the best performance of the detector.

The Conductivity Index:

​The connectivity index scale is between 0 and 99 which appears roughly in the center of the screen. It is efficient at providing an idea of the type of metal detected.

​If a metal is detected and the number at the scale is high, it means the metal is more conductive. For instance, a ferrous will be reported at around 0, aluminum st around 30, gold at around 40 and the most conquerors (copper, bronze, silver) will approach 80.

Land Ranger Pro Best Price & Warranty Info.

Cost effective would be the word! The Land Ranger Pro is characterized by its affordable price. Available for less than $250, ​this Bounty Hunter is a complete  metal detector equipped with some of the latest advances in detection  and comes an additional 5 year manufacturer warranty!

Most metal detectors ranging at such a cost might give you some second thoughts but not the Bounty Hunter as with it it, you will find a complete device.

Land Ranger Pro Techs and Specs

As you will see from the list below, the Land Ranger Pro is feature-loaded. This is what makes the detector more efficient are very appeling to use. You definitely get good value for your money.

Land Ranger Pro Highlighted FEATURES :

  • Large LCD screen
  • Ground Grab / Ground Effect settings
  • Multi-tone (4-Tone)
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    Conductivity reader (0-99)
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    11 inch elliptical inch DD waterproof search coil
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    7 different detection modes
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    Discrimination, motion, no motion, pinpoint mode
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    Variable Notching
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    V-break system
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    5 Year Warranty
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    A system of adjustments of the effects of soil
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    Discrimination spread over 43 segments
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    Indication of the depth of the target
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    Powered by one 9V battery (20 to 25 hours of detecting)
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    Weight 2.4 pounds
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    Operating frequency 7.69 kHz
Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro

Whats In The Box

1. S-ROD with Control Housing, Arm Rest and Locking Collar
2. Lower Stem
3. Searchcoil
4. Bolt & Knurled Knob
5. This Owner’s Manual

Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro

Design and Look of the Land Ranger Pro:

The connectors are slightly reinforced. The Land Ranger Pro has a two-piece, adjustable S-shaped rod to match the size of the detector and a clamping wheel to ensure robustness.

The Land Ranger Pro keeps metal detecting very comfortable while in the field. The detector is well balanced and has a weight of only 2.4lb. 

Controls, Screen, Usage, Construction and Comfort:

The Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro comes with a sufficiently large display screen and control panel that makes it easy to use. It has the same comfort and usability functions as a lot of high-end metal detectors sold at much higher prices.  Also, the navigation between programs and menus is done simply and with one finger thus efficient even for a metal detector newbie.

Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro: The Pro’s and Con’s

Pro’s – What We Liked

Con’s – What We Didn’t

  • Price point
  • Adjustable ground balance
  • The waterproof double D coil
  • Lightness (yet still rugged) – only 2.4lb
  • Ease of use
  • Unstable on salt water beaches or other highly meneralized soil
  • The shaft can be only disassembled in two parts and not three
  • The absence of a clamping nut on the connectors

Review Wrap Up: Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro, A Good Starter Detector?

To summarize, the Land Ranger Pro is without a doubt the best metal detector proposed by Bounty Hunter, with a 5 years warranty, sold at a very affordable price and with the essential settings for an effective fun detecting experience. The unit is very versatile, its detection frequency of 7.7 kHz, allows you to work on all surfaces except very mineralized zones. Its 11 inch elliptical DD coil offers the right compromise between power and precision. The Land Ranger Pro works in multi-tones and has a conductivity reader. It is the combination of these two elements that help to identify the probable nature of the target.

Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro:

There are a lot of low price entry level detectors on the market but few with so much functionality and a 5 year guarantee and you find even less of its competitors that will cost so little! This makes the Land Ranger Pro a very competitive detector in its class, its comparable in functionality and quality to many of the more popular entry level or mid range detectors. For instance, the Garrett’s Ace 250  which is more affordable compared to the Land Ranger Pro but who’s features and functionality are a little less.

Fisher F2, a detector with a strong presence in the enter level market, and who I guess could be considered the cousin of the Land Ranger as they are manufactured and sold by the same parent company.

However, if you are looking to move up in to a little more advanced metal detector (though more expensive), the Garrett Ace 400 would be a match. It is a 2016 release and a top metal detector in Garrett’s Ace series as well as one of the best detectors Garrett makes in the less then $500 range.

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