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If you are considering buying a metal detector, you will definitely want to take a close look at the Bounty Hunter metal detector. Bounty Hunter metal detectors are a very popular and well-known brand amongst enthusiasts and beginners alike for many years. These detectors have excellent customer reviews. So what makes it such a success and have such brand loyalty?

Firstly it’s the range of metal detector models that you can buy. At the time of writing, there were a total of around 24 different models to choose from. That means there will be a model for you no matter what your skill level or whether you are a complete beginner or a long-term professional. This also allows you to develop your skills over time.

So you could start with a basic or beginners model such as the Bounty Hunter VLF as your first metal detector, which retails at under $100, and gradually upgrade as you become more skilled. The basic hobby metal detectors will have sensitivity controls and discrimination controls to get rid of unwanted items (‘trash’) as well as a meter to show finds.

Children aren’t excluded either. There is a Junior model kids metal detector which caters specifically for children as young as 6 years old which has a shorter pole. Teenagers will do fine with the VLF or even the Fast Tracker.

Once you become more skilled you can move on up to the more advanced models – Bounty Hunter have everything from beginner to intermediate to professional level detectors for marine search and recovery. There literally is something for everyone.

Maybe you want to specialize in some way. Perhaps only seeking iron items or relics underground. Or maybe you want to focus on only coins and jewelry. There will be a detector for you.


Features of Bounty Hunter metal detectors

Bounty Hunter metal detectors feature precise liquid crystal display (LCD) readouts of your target, such as the depth at which it is located. With this feature, you can easily determine how far you are from the metal object you are looking for, and easily plan your retrieval mode accordingly.

The other features of Bounty Hunter metal detectors include a four-level iron discrimination, optional rejection of low-value or inaccurate targets, wiring diagram, and smart track auto ground-balancing. Because they cancel out or reject materials that are not close to your target, these special features are useful in quickly and accurately locating the exact metals you are looking for

Portable and functional

Bounty Hunter metal detectors are very convenient to use. Each unit is packed in an ergonomic, rugged, lightweight housing that you can bring with you anywhere, easily. You can use a Bounty Hunter metal detector if you are looking for historical coins from under the ground, gold hunting, searching for lost jewelry, or just identifying what kind of water valve is buried under a certain area. You never have to worry about handling, either. Bounty Hunter metal detectors are very rugged and can withstand even harsh outdoor conditions. They are the perfect partners in any expedition.

Price range of Bounty Hunter metal detectors

The ground search metal detector is the most popular among the Bounty Hunter metal detectors. The price of the Bounty Hunter ground metal detector ranges from as low as $50 to as much as $500. Bounty Hunter metal detectors also offer a few hand-held metal detector models. Each unit costs around $80 to $100.

The manufacturer of Bounty Hunter metal detectors

Bounty Hunter metal detectors for treasure hunting are manufactured and produced by First Texas Products Company. Established by Thomas Walsh in July 1999, the First Texas Products Company developed and expanded by acquiring optical products for outdoor activities and getting a niche in consumer electronics.

Aside from the Bounty Hunter – the leading line of metal detection products for recreational treasure hunting – First Texas also produces Night Owl brand night vision goggles, monoculars, and binoculars. In May 2001, it acquired Night Owl Optics of New York, NY, a worldwide leader in consumer night vision products. The company was then recapitalized by its management and a financial buyer in 2003.

Other Features

Functions such as ‘ground balance’ are usually featured only on the more expensive detectors. This is a feature that allows the detector to ignore all the minerals that occur naturally in the ground. Otherwise these can induce a false signal which can be frustrating when searching.

Different tones which identify different items are also a feature of the more up-market models of metal detector. So for example you will get one tone for a nail and a different tone each for different size coins. This all helps quick identification.

Some of the Bounty Hunter Metal Detector models have a digital representation for finds. For example, a 2-digit number will indicate the type of metal detected. So a Copper Penny or Dime would be indicated by a number within the range 80 – 84. Again, this makes for quick identification of many finds.

Ultimately, unless you are a complete beginner, the best advice is to buy the best model that you can afford. This will give you the widest range of features for your spend and make treasure-hunting that much easier.

If you know where you will be mainly searching, it will help determine what type of metal detector to buy. If you were going to be searching sand beaches, it makes sense to buy a underwater metal detector that has a waterproof search coil. If the sand is wet, make sure you have a detector that has a ground balancing facility to eliminate spurious signals.

Benefits of the Bounty Hunter Metal Detector

If you look at the Quick Draw Bounty Hunter metal detector, this is ideal for targeting coins. It has an amazing display that shows whether it’s likely to be gold or silver as well as if it’s a pull-tab or a silver Dollar.

It’s even capable of detecting disc shapes as well as the probable depth. Models like this make coin-hunting a breeze. We’re now getting into the more advanced models here so prices have moved up to between $200 and $300.

For those who consider themselves serious or professional, there is still a good choice of metal detector models to choose from with prices going up to $650. With these models, sensitivity and discrimination is even more advanced, so finds are made easier.


Bounty hunter metal detector features compared

Fast Tracker

Tracker IV

Quick Silver

Sharp shooter II

Time Ranger

Land Ranger

fast tracker
sharp shooter 2
time ranger
land ranger

Visual LCD

Max coin depth

6 inches

7 inches

7 inches

8 inches

9 inches

10 inches

All metal mode

Number of tones







Manual Ground Balance

Pinpoint mode

Search modes







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