Dig Deeper With Whites Metal Detectors

Get the most out of your next ventures with Whites metal detectors. Here are a few tips that will help you get creative so you can dig deeper and find more gold, coins and other treasures.

Swing Short And Keep The Loop Low For More Control


You will have less control over your metal detector when you swing it mindlessly. The larger the area you cover with the detector is not the key to finding more gold or coins. Take your time and swing the machine in short lengths.


You will make more of an angle to the ground with larger loop swings and prevent the machine picking up on deeper readings. Above all, keep your movements fluid and slow. Take your time. You do not want to rush the machine or it cannot find those treasures deep down underground that you are hoping to find.


Wear Headphones

You may already wear headphones when using your metal detector, but ensure that you are wearing the proper types of headphones. You want industrial-type headphones that have cushions and cups to surround your ears, so that very little outside noise gets in.


Your best bet is to purchase the headphones sold by Whites. These complement each metal detector they make, but if you must use another type be sure that they provide total coverage. Ideally, you will have stereo sound so both ears can pick up signals clearly.


Try to avoid using small ear buds that are made for smart phones and other devices. These may be more technologically advanced, but they are not substantial for deep digs with a metal detector. If you are unsure of which headphones to choose speak to your Whites dealer for advice.


There are more tips and tricks available at Whites metal detectors online forums. Many users want to know how to hunt deeper with their metal detectors, no matter what model of Whites detector they are using.


You can also find out more about how to set your machine to pick up what you are looking for by using these forums. However, most users will not need this extra help. There is no substitute for exploring and hunting with your detector on your own because of how easy they are to use.


In fact, the best aspect of these Whites metal detectors is that they are super easy to use. The GMT automatically senses ground conditions and recalibrate to deliver the most accurate settings for metal detection. You do not have to make adjustments to it constantly.


Whites metal detectors have been the standard for years. The most recent machines are among the most popular for finding gold in Alaska. The GMT released in the early 2000s is still in production and can help users find smaller pieces of gold and pieces of gold located at deeper ground levels.


Whites has a devoted fan base and has had one for decades. Trust your GMT machine to help you dig deeper for more treasures, every time.