Fisher F2 Review

Fisher F2 Review: High-End Features at Entry Level Price

If you are looking for a budget metal detector with a few bells and whistles like you would find in those high-end expensive metal detectors the Fisher F2 Metal Detector is a device worth considering. Although this device is considered to be an entry-level metal detector it has some features you might find in higher end metal detectors.

Features of the Fisher F2 Metal Detector

The features of the Fisher f2 metal detector makes it a fait accompli that you will find a treasure hidden in that back yard or on that beach or playground. Some of the great features of this device include:

  • 8-segment metal detector so that you can screen out certain metals.
  • 4 tone audio ID to help you clarify what is buried beneath the surface.
  • Easy to read LCD screen to help you “see” that hidden treasure before you actually dig.
  • Waterproof open frame for looking for those gold nuggets in streams.
  • Pinpoint feature, which helps you to pinpoint the exact location of your finds.
  • Lightweight weighing in at less than 3 pounds, which means you can use the Fisher f2 for hours on end without becoming fatigued.
  • Uses a 9 volt batteries and has a good battery life
  • Reasonably priced at just over $200.00

Actual Users Fisher F2 Metal Detector Reviews

fisher f2 review

Fisher F2 Metal Detector

Most actual user reviews of the Fisher f2 metal detector found this detector quite useful giving it 4 out 5 stars on various reviews sites. There is a lot about this metal detector that reviewers liked.For starters, almost all reviews mentioned the fast recovery speed of this metal detector. It can detect a useless metal object and then quickly move on to a good find quicker than many metal detectors which means that you won’t miss those valuable coins and items of jewelry as often as with some other similar devices. Users also felt it work well at finding items of interest buried under 8 to 10 inches of soil. And was especially good at finding coins and items of jewelry even those jewelry items that may be made of cheaper metals such as aluminum. Users also reported finding such interesting items as plow blades and even matchbook cars, that while not valuable can be quite fun to find. They also found the battery life of the Fisher f2 metal detector to be quite good though some did feel that the 9-volt batteries were a little expensive. The only real complaint that most users had is that they felt the Fisher f2 did not perform well when the ground was wet. All in all, if you are a serious treasure hunter who is looking for a high functioning metal detector then you are going find that the Fisher f2 simply is not going to meet your expectations. However, if you are a novice at this activity or have a limited budget then the Fisher f2 metal detector is ideal to get you started on your new hobby. It is lightweight, easy to use, and you can expect a good amount of success with this metal detector.

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