Fisher F4 Metal Detector Review

The Fisher F4 metal detector is a versatile metal detector that runs on two aa batteries. IT has a 11 segment visual target id that allows you to differentiate with ease trash from treasure.

Together with the 4 tone audio and the two digit numeric target id you will have a good idea of what you found before you dig it out of the ground. Controls are user friendly thanks to its easy to read display. The F4 metal detector from Fisher has a weight of about 4.7 pounds.

Features & Benefits of the Fisher F4 metal detector

Some notable features of  the Fisher F4 metal detector

  • High deep seeking auto tune with manual ground balance - visual target id by category
  •  Numeric 0-99 readout - 11 segment digital target id - 4 tone audio id
  •  One touch notch - one touch pinpoint with numeric depth readout
  • 11” Bi-Axial Search Coil
  • 11-segment visual target ID helps differentiate trash from treasure
  •  4-tone audio ID; 2-digit numeric target ID with 0 to 99 range
  •  Notch control lets you ignore select trash categories;
  • 11-inch bi-axial search coil
  • All-Metal and Discrimination modes; weighs 2.6 pounds; 5-year limited warranty

Pros and cons of the Fisher F4 metal detector

What We Liked

  • Easy to understand interface
  • To be used for relic hunting, beach hunting or coin shooting
  • Lightweight unit
  • Great discrimination options

What We Didn't Like

  • The ergonomics of the armrest could be improved

What Others Say about the Fisher F4

We went over 25 customer reviews we were able to find on the internet. Overall more than 80% of the buyers seemed really pleased with their purchase. The Fisher F4 metal detector got a rating of 4,13 out of 5 stars.

The top positive review was this one:

This is my first machine I purchased two years ago. I travel from Alaska to South Carolina year round. I'm a 9/11 combat veteran so this hobby lets me enjoy the things I lost. The very first day it arrived. It was ready to go with batteries included. Amazing finds the first day with tokens given to there employees as pay in the late 1800's saw mill. Many other cool finds but somethings that you dig don't show up on a metal detector. I found a jade ads close to a target I was digging. You will find things that no metal detector could pick up. This is my best find yet and much older than any coin. Many hours over rough terrain the F4 did it's job. My first oldest coin is a 1885 about a foot down in discrimination mode. Next was tungsten which aluminum ore was right next to it. Aluminum can not be picked up by a metal detector. Here are the picks of my finds.

The top critical review was the following:

If you are in gold country, pass on the F4. It's frequency is on the far end of the low spectrum, and that means it has a hard time "seeing" gold, so small nuggets will get passed by. I've seen claims of its discriminator being able to separate gold, but that's just sales hype. If it can't see gold, it can't discriminate it from junk, and when gold is seen, it can come in as iron, bottle caps, tinfoil, etc. If you're not in gold country and considering this unit, I'd recommend the F2 with the double D 11" coil. The F4 has more sophisticated discrimination, but still, with mine I find a lot of bottle caps and junk coming in as coins, so I'm back in "dig everything" mode so I don't miss good targets that fool my F4's discriminator. If you do buy the F4, get a package deal that includes tools and a 4" sniper coil. You'll spend money on this stuff later, so get it in the package and save a lot.

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