Fisher F75 Review

Before we get to the field test lets start with our Fisher F75 review, and from the beginning I must say this is a high performing metal detector. With its high sensitivity and quality ground balancing it is perfect for gold prospectors, coin shotting and relics.

The Fisher F75 runs at 13 kHz and comes with an 11-inch elliptical Double D search coil for total maximum depth. The LCD display shows the target ID of the object detected and also shows continuous information regarding both condition of the battery and on the mineralization of the ground you are detecting on. Even help messages are displayed when needed.
The Fisher 75 runs on 4 AA  batteries and has an estimated battery life of 30 hours before needing a new set.

The F75 is one of the lightest and evenly balanced of the top end metal detectors from Fisher, so you can spend many hours swinging it with little effort. The arm rest is adjustable, the grip is long lasting and the controls are located in the ideal position and are very easy to use.


Features & Benefits of the Fisher F75 metal detector

Released in April 2016, the Garrett Ace 400 is a phenomenal metal detector. Just from the appearance, the Ace 400 is a work of pure beauty. It demands attention from its sophistication and simplicity at the same time. It is made in The US and its traditional deep yellow color infused with the black poles make its statement as a Garrett.

What immediately stands out when it comes to the Garrett Ace 400 is the unique iron audio setting that allows you to distinguish between iron and other metal so you can distinguish between trash and treasure. Anyone using the Garrett will immediately tell you that it is actually one of the best when it comes to this range of products.

It has five search modes (Zero-disk, Coins, Custom, Relics and Jewelry) infused with sensitivity adjustment, electric pin pointing and High-Resolution Iron discrimination. This makes the process of metal identification simpler since the depth indicator reads to depths of 8 inches that is displayed on the LCD screen, though you could still find metals that are still deeper than the 8 inch depth.

The metal detector comes in handy in very many land types. Forest trails being a great source of harvest are one great place that you could use the machine. Also mineralized soils, in fields as well as dry sand on the beach would be great places to put the  Garrett Ace 400 to work.

Some notable features of  the Fisher F75 metal detector

  • Lightest weight / best ergonomics in the industry - powerful performance trigger-actuated target pinpointing with variable audio pitch - large lcd screen with 0-99 numeric target identification display
  • Double-filter discrimination modes for searching in trashy areas - magnetic mineralization bar graph and readout - trigger-actuated fastgrab ground balance
  • Non-volatile memory saves settings - backlight – for low light hunting conditions - low operating cost – typically 40+ hours with 4-aa alkaline batteries
  • Double-D Waterproof Search Coil - Rain Cover for Control Housing & Battery Housing Available
  • Recommended for: coin shooting, relic hunting, beach hunting, gold prospecting. Operating humidity range: 0-90% non-condensing
  • Large LCD screen with target identification display
  • Double-filter discrimination modes for searching in trashy areas
  • ground cancellation trigger-actuated FASTGRAB
  • Magnetic mineralization bar graph read out
  • Trigger-actuated target pinpointing with varible audio pitch

Pros and cons of the Fisher F75 metal detector

  • Simplicity: The device simply stands out as a metal detector. You wouldn’t confuse it for anything else other than the detector. Though it is actually customized for experienced users, it simply can be used by anybody interested in it. It has buttons that are clearly marked and are straightforward to comprehend

  • No water resistance: It has great restriction to water since it is not waterproof, so hunting on the beach might be a little bit tricky, not unless you intend to only stick to dry sand.

What Others Say about the Fisher F75 metal detector

Most customers are  quite pleased with their Fisher f75 and left positive reviews. The product received an average of 4.3 stars out of 5 on Amazon at the time of this review.

More than 92 % of all reviewers left a 5 star rating.  People love the fact this metal detector is light and easy to operate, allthough a learning curve is there to really master the F75

Final Verdict: the Fisher F75 metal detector

The Fisher F75 really does set a high standard in performance and ease of use that will really amaze you. Despite the complexity of whats on offer, the F75 metal detector is actually really simple to set up and can handle any environment you might use it in.

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