Fisher F75 Review

Fisher F75 Review

Before we get to the field test lets start with our Fisher F75 review, and from the beginning I must say this is a high performing metal detector. With its high sensitivity and quality ground balancing it is perfect for gold prospectors, coin shotting and relics.

The Fisher F75 runs at 13 kHz and comes with an 11-inch elliptical Double D search coil for total maximum depth. The LCD display shows the target ID of the object detected and also shows continuous information regarding both condition of the battery and on the mineralization of the ground you are detecting on. Even help messages are displayed when needed.The Fisher 75 runs on 4 AA  batteries and has an estimated battery life of 30 hours before needing a new set.

The Fisher F75 is one of the lightest and evenly balanced of the top end metal detectors, so you can spend many hours swinging it with little effort. The arm rest is adjustable, the grip is long lasting and the controls are located in the ideal position and are very easy to use.

Fisher F75 Field Test

  • Fisher F75 Field Test Site 1 – Revolutionary War – Well Detected for the past 30 years.

Today I  decided on the All-Metal search mode in order to get most depth, I then ground balanced the F75 with the FASTGRAB feature.There were plenty of targets considering how well detected the site had been over the years and I must admit I did spend many hours on my knees digging.Incredibly most targets were 6 in or sometimes deeper and some were even at a depth of 10 in and I was impressed at the good signals the F75 produced every time. Some of the finds included a Bridle Bit,  a V-nickel, a couple of Indian Head cents and a number of smaller brass items.

  • Fisher F75 Field Test Site 2 – Church Field – unknown previous usage

The ground was fairly dry and so I ended up focusing on the area covered by trees. I selected the Discrimination mode with a preset of 10, which meant the circuit would be in non- high gain mode.After quickly finding an Indian Head,  I decided to choose the 4H Tone option and also upped the sensitivity to 75.Approaching a large tree,the ID target suddenly showed 72 and the sharp audio response made me look at the Confidence Scale which was showing four bars. I dug down to the 7 inches the depth monitor was showing and wow I saw the glint of silver ..a 1906 Barber dime.Over the next couple of hours I found another 19 coins that included 5 Wheat cents, 2 Mercury dimes and a damaged silver quarter.

Final words in my Fisher F75 Metal Detector Review

The Fisher F75 really does set a high standard in performance and ease of use that will really amaze you. Despite the complexity of whats on offer, the F75 is actually really simple to set up and can handle any environment you might use it in.

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