Garrett Ace 150 Review

Review of the Garrett Ace 150 By Treasure Hunter Depot

With the Garrett Ace 150 you will get Garrett quality features such as the Graphic Target ID , Depth Indicator, Sensitivity, Depth Adj, Tone ID and Clear Tone Speaker, Interchangeable Coils. And in terms of value for money way the ACE 150 ahead of the competition. This machine displays most of the traits and wanted feature we all want to see in a quality metal detector. It provides high performance handling and simple to understand features with intelligent controls like many of the higher priced metal detectors.
The Garrett ACE 150 features superb depth, good target identification and excellent discrimination. And as for the price it couldnt be any more on the money. No other detector will give you Garretts quality features.
On the ACE 150 you get a load of features: 3 pre-programmed notched search modes, three levels of depth, four lots of sensitivity settings, low battery indicator, tone ID, a smart graphic target ID and even interchangeable Coils.
Overall ending this review of the Garret Ace 150 I must say the 150 is a quality built and very rugged detector, its low complexity and “turn on and go “ operations makes it quite easy to use, yet still offers high end performance even without complex settings and adjustments, the easey intuitive controls make for a very user friendly and quite rewarding detector for the bigener or even the old pro who is just looking for a back up or loner detector.

Garrett Ace 150 Features

3 Modes to select: 3 Discrimination Patterns All Metal – Jewelry – Coins
Grahic Target ID: Large LCD Display indicate target type based on its conductivity. Target ID indicate below the icon ientifing target type
Depth Indicator: The depth of a target, will be displayed on screen. Depth is shown on a scale at 2″, 4″ or 6+ inches
Headphone Jack: – ACE 150 sport ¼” head phone plug
Touch-n-Go Operation :
Sensitivity: 4 settings
Tone ID – Multi tone id for the different conductivity of target

Garrett Ace 150Specifications

Adjustable Length 42” – 51″
Weight just under 3lb
Fq – 7.2 khz
4 AA battery
2 yr warranty

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