Garrett Ace Metal Detector

Garrett Ace 400 Metal Detector

When it comes to purchasing a professional metal detector, there are several factors one needs to consider. The Garrett Ace 400 Metal Detector is among the high-end models in the Ace series and has several advanced features that improve your metal detecting experience.

The device features a unique iron audio setting that allows you to distinguish between iron and other metal so you can distinguish between trash and treasure.

Using Garrett Ace 400 Metal Detector

Features & Benefits of the garrett ace 400

The Garrett Ace Metal Detector is best suited for intermediate or advanced users. Beginners may also benefit from the product as long as they read the instructions carefully. The enhanced iron resolution helps you separate junk from real treasure. It also comes with a higher frequency than other model which can also be adjusted. Overall, the metal detector is quite easy to assemble but it is definitely not one of Garrett’s most popular models.

Some notable features of the Garrett Ace 400 Metal Detector are:

  • Improved Sensitivity: The metal detector features improved sensitivity that instantly increases accuracy. A higher frequency of 10 kHz coupled with the depth detector makes the device easy and fun to use.
  • Notch Discrimination: Users can modify discrimination patterns depending on what they are looking for.
  • New Iron Audio: The iron audio allows users to detect the kind of metal they are looking for. This allows users to distinguish between different metals.
  • Excellent Customer: Garrett is among the most reputable metal detector brands in the market and offers great customer service. Feel free to contact a brand representative if you are experiencing problems with your metal detector. Additionally, customers can also benefit from the instructional videos posted on Garrett’s official website.
Garrett Ace 400 Metal Detector Control Panel

What Others Say about the Garrett Ace

Most customers are happy quite pleased with their product and left positive reviews. The product received an average of 4.6 stars out of 5 on Amazon at the time of this review. A customer wrote how they were impressed by the metal detector capabilities and that it was certainly one of a kind.

Several customers posted pictures of items they were able to find with the machine. People agreed the metal detector was lightweight despite its high-end features and is certainly worth the investment. The product does not have many cons except it may not be the best option for beginners.

Buying Advice

You can purchase the Garrett  Metal Detector on Amazon for around $340 with free shipping on Amazon Prime. If you want to save money, be on the lookout for promotional offers and discounts. Since the product is quite expensive, we recommend you only buy it if you are passionate about collecting coins and hunting treasure.

Garrett Ace 400 Metal Detector

Verdict : the garrett ace metal detector

Overall, the Garrett  ace Metal Detector is certainly one of the best professional metal detectors in the market. If you are in search of a budget friendly model, consider investing in the ACE 350 instead.

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