Garrett AT PRO review

Garrett's garrett at pro review

Hunting for treasure is not something anyone would wake up one day to do it. It takes commitment and a good product to avoid wasting time and effort. You will go to places you have never expected including dry deserts to humid, mildewed bogs and beyond. Obviously, you will need a versatile metal detector that will function in any type of environment without compromising its components.

Are you into metal detection? Is your current metal detector giving you problems? Look no further than our Garrett AT Pro review to understand whi it is ideal for hunting coins, relics, caches, jewelry and gold nuggets. But first, let us appreciate its ability to work on land and underwater surfaces. Since it is the most recent 2017 version in the Garrett series, get prepared to put the deep seeking device to the task.

The rationale behind its name

Designers often name the product according to how it functions. In this case,

Garrett– the trade name

AT Pro– ‘AT’ stands for All Terrain

The company has successfully come up with a multi-functional product. Besides being water resistant, it also comes with headphones to help you alongside the Pro-mode audio.

Aesthetic value of the Garrett At PRO

You are probably wondering why we gave Garrett AT Pro some weight. Unlike its predecessors, Garrett AT Pro boasts an eye-catching look with a nice finished black, grey buttons and silver rivets. At least users can now break from its signature yellow look. There is something about neutral colors that make a metal detector to appear more functional.

Garrett at Pro : Specifications

This is the part where the Garrett At pro metal detector stands out. The bottom of the device has a wider radius to cover a wider area. With a sophisticated interface, it is capable of completing various tasks. It also has waterproof housing up to 10 feet. Obviously, you will need a water-resistant device to work in swampy areas. Other features include;

  • Garrett at Pro : 8.5” by 11” search coil

To differentiate between selected metals and trash, interchangeable coils are found at an extra cost for Garrett AT Pro allowing you to customize its performance. This is applicable to customizing aspects such as extra depth, covering a wider area and hunting for gold.

  • Garrett at Pro : 0-99 digital targeting ID

To detect the specific treasure and notify you. This discrimination feature is designed to control the amount of power running in the device. As a result, you will be able to filter out unwanted results. This applies in other metals or objects that may get detected by the device.

  • Garrett at Pro : Pro-mode audio

To answer the call of adventure wherever you go.

  • Garrett at Pro : Visual interface

The gadget has an excellent interface which makes it easy to read and make use of. The intuitive design will allow you to read through the manual with ease.

The X-Factors of Garrett AT Pro machine

Weight of the Garrett at pro metal detector

The effectiveness of a machine can never be compared by its weight. In fact, the lighter it is the better, especially if you plan on covering a large area. Garrett AT Pro weighs in at 3.03 lbs; an equivalent of 1.37kgs. It is quite portable even to children. Fatigue will be a thing of the past once you start using it.

Length of the Garrett at pro

With an adjustable machine arm length ranging between 42” and 51”, anyone will find it ergonomically appropriate.

Warranty of the At Pro

Part of the reason why manufacturers include warranties is to ensure customers get value for their money. They are allowed to test the product for a given period of time to warrant its utility factor. If it fails to satisfy their needs, they can return it for repair, replacement or a refund. Garrett AT Pro is protected by a 2-year limited warranty.


The device works at a 15kHz frequency which is pretty realistic for a machine of its caliber.


The last thing you would want is to incur is the costs of repairing a machine that has been compromised by water. The Garrett AT Pro metal detector can be submerged in water up to 10 Feet. This is particularly convenient if you are planning to treasure hunting in moist places.

All-terrain flexibility

No matter the change of weather or current landscape setting, you need a machine that can withstand any of those conditions. Garrett AT Pro is probably the one you should be looking for since it is can withstand humid, wet or dry conditions.

Detect high-value targets

With treasure hunting, you can expect to find anything valuable or useless. Obviously, this is a complete waste of time and energy. A Garrett AT Pro gadget will identify high-value metals and separate them from trash.

Pro-mode Audio

With metal detection, you can never be sure about what you will find. A machine that can communicate depending on the target’s size, conductivity, depth and shape is the best. And, Garrett AT Pro was built to do just that.

Garrett AT Pro metal detector Buttons and Modes


Like any other metal detector, it has buttons which fulfill specific roles. Yours is to discover the right buttons to press. They are 8 in number; iron discrimination, sensitivity, notch discrimination, mode & power, iron audio, pinpoint mode/ frequency adjustment, elimination and ground balance.

When using the iron audio, you will hear discriminated iron that is in the ground. Expect a dull sound to save you from losing the main target when it is near the iron. Upon landing on a specific target, flip the iron audio to hear it clearly. It also saves you the time digging unnecessary signals.

If you want to gain understanding on the current ground balance, you should try adjusting certain buttons. Through this, it will have a better target ID accuracy on highly mineralized and salty area.


Modes are supposed to groom the device into performing specific operations. As a beginner, this application will help you use it accordingly. In this case, you can set it according to the following modes;

  • Custom mode- customize it according to your preferences. For instance, its height can be adjusted to suit yours.
  • Zero mode- here, it is supposed to detect all types of metals without discrimination.
  • Coins mode- it has been set for coin shooting.
  • Pro-mode- this requires more expertise. It involves giving a more detailed audio tone and will also give a clear indication of the specific target using the audio.

The main difference between the basic and advanced modes lies in the audios. Each mode has a signature sound to help in differentiation of the two.


In terms of performance, Garrett AT Pro has been made to near perfection. In fact, most retailers can attest to the high demand for this product. Obviously, you will need to compare prices with its entry-level rivals such as Garrett ACE 150, 250 and 350. They may be affordable but they are suitable for kids and beginners. On the other hand, Garrett ATX has a military and professional grade capability which might not suit you at the moment.

From the Metal Detector List, it is evident that it has attracted positive reviews from users. Besides it being termed as effective, it is also affordable. You can buy it at a price of $550. This is pretty affordable considering it can operate on different terrains and has the ability to distinguish valuable from invaluable metals. Even though it seems pricier compared to other entry detectors, it is one of the best.

Most people currently using the gadget may have owned Ace series at one point time. They have since recorded positive records since the upgrade. With a 2-year warranty, people can now rest assured that their money is safe. Considering the current harsh economic times, it is better to part with much money but get value for the same.


  • Flexibility- can function on land and water surfaces.
  • Long lasting batteries
  • High-end headphones with adjustable volume and control option
  • check Timely success
  • check High-end iron audio
  • check Perfect trash discrimination
  • check One of the best standard coils
  • check Durable and built to last
  • check Affordable for most users


  • Unsuitable for newbies since it has a coil with a wider radius, making it difficult to dig bigger holes
  • The set up requires professional assistance.
  • Headphone or coil detector is not built to performance
  • Lacks backlight on the screen making it difficult to work with at after sunset. 

First Impressions : unboxing the Garrett at Pro

It is quite easy for even a newbie to setup the metal detector and get it up and running. Everything is hand tightened. The device comes with an informative DVD and instructional booklet. You can also find numerous instructional videos online. The package includes a coil cover so that you never have to scratch your search coil.


Are you looking for an efficient metal detector with characteristics you are looking for? Well, thanks to this article, you will have one. Garrett AT Pro metal detector is considered one of the best considering its added features. Not only is it light in weight, but its height can also be adjusted to suit you. With a large coil radius, you will be able to cover a wider area. A perfect discrimination feature will prevent you from collecting trash. The features are quite a number but what stands out is its versatility in the treasure hunting business. It is highly unlikely for any metal detecting expert to dispute this claim.

Have a fruitful treasure hunting season, will you?

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