Garrett Metal Detector Reviews – Updated Guide

Detecting metals outdoors is an excellent activity for individuals as well as for family and friends. You can spend quality time exploring beaches, parks and hunting for valuable treasures.

The good thing is that metal detecting can pay for itself (you can resell the treasure you discover); however for this to happen, you need to use the best metal detector brand in the world.

Garrett first started selling metal detectors in 1964 and today, they have become the industry leaders in metal detection. Over the years, the brand has set goals to empower customers with better technology and information.

Garrett Ace 400 Metal Detector Controls

Types and features of Garrett metal detectors

Garrett metal detectors can either be hand-held, ground search, or walk-through types. Here are some of the bestselling products they have:

• Hand-held metal detectors. This type of metal detector is useful for security checkpoints. It is designed to be perfect for a hand grip. To locate a potentially dangerous metallic weapon, this metal detector is swiped in front of and behind an individual, and also all around his bag or whatever he is carrying. It will produce a beeping sound the moment it detects any kind of metal.

• Ground search metal detectors. This type of metal detector is best used when conducting an investigation of crime scenes or in locating metal treasures. Other than metal detecting hunting sites , Garrett ground search metal detectors can be used on land or under water. This makes it able to locate hidden or missing metallic evidence or treasures. This metal detector only requires a single press of the button to begin its metal detecting operation.

• Walk-through metal detectors. Popular in airports and train stations, a walk-through metal detector can instantly locate any metal carried by an individual that passes through it. This open door-frame type of metal detector offers complete scanning of dangerous metals. The Garrett walk-though metal detector is developed with an improved sensitivity, discrimination, and an ease of operation.

Best Garrett Metal Detectors

There are different varieties of Garrett metal detectors to choose from depending on your budget, location, as well as the treasures being hunted. Garrett has all-purpose detectors and then there are some that have been specifically designed for hunting gold nuggets or coins. If you seek to have fun looking for just about anything, all purpose Garrett metal detector is suitable for all your needs.

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Garrett Ace 250 :Discover The Best All-purpose Metal Detector Out there!

Garrett Ace 250 is a well-designed metal detector that ensures great results for every user. You will have fun hunting for metals outdoors thanks to the easy to read and comprehend display screen.

If you talk about the modes, this Garrett metal detector has a special ‘fourth’ tone that plays if you stop over a target. This bell tone or identification sound is played apart from the three basic beeps you hear when the device is moved over the metal pieces.

Ace 250 Metal Detector

Bell Tone Helps Identify The Target

Coin shooters are particularly impressed with the bell tone for extra confirmation. In addition to highly efficient search coil, Garrett ACE 250 has 8 sensitivity levels, and 5 custom notching and discrimination modes that give you complete control over how your device will react to different metals. The search coil can also detect metals even if the valuables are mixed with trash.

The Highlight

Perhaps the last thing you want is to dig for a metal without knowing how much you have to dig. Garrett ACE 250 makes your task easier by displaying an accurate feedback of how deep your target is.

Compared to other metal detectors, Garrett ACE 250 is affordable and offers excellent metal detection services. The shaft can easily be adjusted and you can remain on the field for long hours thanks to the 30 hours long battery life.

Garrett Ace 350 : A metal Detector Equally Good For Beginners And Enthusiasts

The perfect metal detectors for enthusiasts consist mostly of the products made by Garrett with the Garrett ACE 350 metal detector being one of the most popular models. This product helps beginners and seasoned hunters better appreciate their hobby and expand the scope of their adventure.

The Highlight

After looking at the different types of metal detectors, you can say that if you are hunting in a highly mineralized site, there is nothing more useful than ACE 350. This metal detector by Garrett is designed keeping highly mineralized sites and saltwater in mind.

Using Garrett Ace 350 Handheld Metal Detector DD Coil

Because minerals and salts can cause problems with the detector search coil, this Garrett creation features a special coil, which can easily withstand salt water. When you are first starting out, your adventure will involve searching for a wide variety of metal targets.

Customized Discrimination Pattern According To Your Liking

The best thing about Garrett Ace 350 metal detector is that you can customize the discrimination pattern in a way that best suits your hunt. Simply put, you can customize the settings depending on whether you want to look for relics, coins or jewelry and this customization can go a long way in helping you find your targets fast and easy.

The Benefits Don’t Stop Here

Advanced Iron detection is the latest technology fitted in the ACE 350 metal detector. As the name suggests, this technology can help you differentiate between metal and trash and save valuable time and energy you might waste digging up for trash.

Knowing how deep your target is something most hunters want to get right. There is nothing more annoying than digging the ground without knowing how far the metal is. With ACE 350 advanced technology, you get continuous depth detection, which means guesswork is taken out of the equation completely.

Garrett Ace 350 Handheld Metal Detector DD Coil

Special Performance DD Coil Is A Class Apart

One of the biggest reasons ACE 350 is so popular with customer is because the special performance DD coil minimizes interference and allows you to comfortably search in salt water and grounds packed with salts and minerals. Often the things you will be looking for during your adventure will be small targets such as coins, rings and this is exactly where ACE 350 comes in handy.

When you are hunting for treasure, the high frequency Garrett Ace 350 metal detector will spot and identify the smallest target, which means the better you find will be.

Unlike most metal detectors, ACE 350 doesn’t require you to buy your own headphones. Therefore, you can spend the money elsewhere.

Garrett ace 400 : A metal Detector For Hunting With Precision

Garrett ACE 400 is designed to detect treasures and metallic objects with great precision. Your device comes with digital target ID that allows you to pinpoint target at the location. The audio is more responsive and submersible search coil ensures great depth coverage.

Like other Garrett models, ACE 400 features advanced technology to help separate valuables from adjacent junk. Surprisingly, the iron resolution technology in Ace 400 is twice the resolution you get with Garrett Ace 250 metal detector.

Garrett Ace 400 Metal Detector

Better Sensitivity With Audio

Another key feature that differentiates Ace 400 from other metal detectors is more responsive audio and better sensitivity on gold and lead.

What It Is Good For …

This metal detector is highly recommended for outdoor adventures including beach hunting, fresh water hunting, coin hunting, relic hunting and jewelry hunting.

Garrett Ace 150 :The Best Product For Beginners

You can begin coin hunting on beach with the quality and performance of the ACE 150. For a beginner, it is recommended to start with Garrett Ace 150 and then subsequently upgrade to the more advanced models.

Family Using Garrett Ace 150 Metal Detector

That’s right. You can invest in more advanced models such as Garrett Ace 400 when you gain more experience in metal detection.

Why Choose Garrett Metal Detectors?

One of the main reasons why most people will use a metal detector from Garret is the quality of the items they produce. Another reason why people love metal detectors from Garret is the ability to locate objects buried both underground and under water. This feature is by far the main reason why most of the hobbyist treasure seekers love Garrett Metal Detectors.

The metal detectors from Garret also have a huge assortment of accessories that are just great for metal detectors including coil covers, bags, headphones, and search coils. Additionally, any metal detector that you will buy from Garret includes a DVD training video to help even newbies get started right away.


Garrett offers a variety of metal detectors to help you cover different grounds. You can review the different products and then select a metal detector that meets your personal location, treasure and of course, budget needs.

Here’s what we can conclude. ACE 250 is the best all-purpose detector available. If you are more into coin and jewelry hunting in highly mineralized sites and saltwater, ACE 350 is what you need. Advanced treasure hunters will be impressed with ACE 400. Beginners, you need to get hands on ACE 150. Good luck with metal hunting.

Now you that you know about different Garrett metal detectors, you may also like to know about a pin pointer from Garrett, the Pro-Pointer Metal Detector!

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