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Millennials have very different hobbies as compared to their parents, most prefer indoor activities such as playing video games and even when outside, they are mostly glued to their phones.  However, what if your child wants to find buried treasure or you want to go treasure hunting with him or her? You will require a metal detector for both of you but theirs will obviously be a bit different from yours. There are many good options to choose from when looking at detectors for kids.

The good news is that children aren’t going to be much concerned about features such as sensitivity and discrimination so you don’t need to invest in an expensive product. However, it should be a device that can literally be used to find treasures such as coins, relics and jewelry.

NB: There are two types of kids metal detectors, toys and ACTUAL metal detectors; this article is solely based on devices that can really detect metals.

Metal Detecting With Kids Is Fun

Why Should You Buy Your child A Kids Metal Detector?

Wondering why you should get your child a kids metal detector? Well, the answer is simple. This is a hobby children and adults can enjoy together. Additionally, the experience will offer both fun and educational benefits. Investing in a kids metal detector can help your child learn about local and national history. Most children would be thrilled to explore new sites or research fascinating finds. Here are a couple of other reasons why you should gift your child a  metal detector:

  • Encourage Recycling: Teach your children the importance of recycling by getting them a metal detector. Your little one can use their new present to sort scraps of metal, such as copper, brass and aluminum and separate them from other materials. Once the sorting is complete, you can drop off the cans at the recycling center and sell it. This not only helps your kid learn about the importance of recycling but helps them earn a little extra pocket money. By picking up metal objects, your children will clean their surroundings, making it a better place to live for all of you.
  • Learn About History: While your child’s metal detector might not be advanced enough to pick up historical finds, you can still use it to teach them about history. Take your kids out with you when you are out scavenging for historical artifacts.
Recycling With Kids Using Metal Detectors
Kids Learning about History with Parents
  • Bond with Your Child: Metal detecting can be a fun activity for the entire family. You can use the metal detector in your backyard to find hidden treasure. In fact, consider hiding coins around the house or in your yard and make a treasure map for your children. Metal detecting can help you create tons of beautiful memories with your child.
  • A Unique Gift: A child may have several stuffed animals in their lifetime but a metal detector is a truly unique gift that is unlike any other gift you can get for your children.

Factors To Consider In A Kids Metal Detector 

Once you have decided that your child should get out more, you should not disappoint them with an inappropriate gadget. For instance, getting one that does not match their height might make them even less interested in using it. There are plenty of metal detectors for kids in the market, but how many are suitable for your kid’s age, height and understanding?

 Therefore, there are several factors you should keep in mind for you to acquire the best device for your child. The following is a guideline reviewing the best metal detectors for a child depending on the most current recommendations and their features.

The importance of weight for kids metal detectors

Needless to say, you need to invest in a metal detector that your child can easily maneuver. Young children cannot handle a lot of weight depending on their size. Invest in a lightweight metal detector that is not too heavy for them.

Weight of Metal Detector For Kids

Select a metal detector matching to your kids height 

How tall is your little one? Much like weight restriction, children might not be able to manage a metal detector that is too tall for them or bend a lot if it is too short.

The wise thing would be investing in a metal detector that comes with an adjustable rod. This way, you can adjust the height of the detector as your child grows up. This is also a handy function if you want two or more children of various heights to share one metal detector. Ensure the metal detector matches your child’s height and comes with a handy armrest.

Select a metal detector with an easy interface

As an adult, you might appreciate high-end features and various discrimination levels but the same cannot be said for your child. Ensure the metal detector is easy to use or your child will simply end up feeling bored.

Young children have a short attention span and will not be eager to cope with complex technology. Assess your child’s age before investing in a kids metal detector. It is advised you stay away from fancy models if your little one is too young to read the instructions. 

Generally, if there are any settings, your child must be old enough to easily manipulate them.


Kids metal detectors  are often categorized by age as it majorly dictates the kid’s height and understanding of using the detector.

Metal detectors for children aged 8 and below are typically lightweight, comprise of fewer features and are less complex to use. These units are sized for younger children and are designed to withstand wear and tear. Consequently, these models are low-priced and not as expensive as the other models.


Always ensure your metal detector is water-proof before testing it on the beach. Water damage can void the warranty on your machine if it is not waterproof. Most adults assume all metal detectors can be used in water but that is not the case. An under-water metal detector is a great option for kids who are fascinated by pirates and mermaids. Some detectors have water-proof search coils that make it easier to hunt for treasure.

Water Proof Metal Detector on a beach
Money Bundle Buget


As mentioned above, your child might not care about the latest specs and high-end features of a detector. However, you get what you pay for so a cheaper model might not be the best option after all. Go for a moderately priced metal detector and of a well-known brand for your child.

Therefore, save up your coins and get the child something long-lasting and durable, after all it is an investment for a good time with your child .

If your child is too young to understand how a metal detector works, a metal detector toy might be sufficient enough for him or her.

Here are some of the popular metal detectors for kids under 8 years old:

Bounty Hunter Junior metal detector

Bounty Hunter Junior: This is among the simplest form of metal detectors, it comprises of only two knobs and a meter. The knob on the right provides discrimination by giving your child the ability to ignore low conductive metals. This ensures he or she gets treasure and separates it from unwanted metal items.

The knob on the right is the gadget’s power button as well adjusts its sensitivity.

The meter acts as a visual indication of the strength of the signal for your child to deduce how deep the target is.  Finally, the Bounty Hunter Junior detector weighs just above one pound with an adjustable height of up to 2.25 feet

Bounty Hunter BHJS Junior Metal Detector Control Panel

Why Is the Bounty hunter Junior a good choice for a kids metal detector? ?

  • The metal detector is built in a durable way
  • Folds down to match the size of your kid
  • Very affordable with a price below 100 usd
  • Simple display that indicates the target
  • Easy control via two knobs
  • Can be operated without headphones so you can assist your kid when detecting
  • Very easy to use for kids

Bounty Hunter Tracker TK4 metal detector

Bounty Hunter Tracker TK4: This would be suitable if the Bounty Hunter Junior is too simple for your child to understand and if he or she loves treasure hunting. 

The Tracker IV has additional features like the:

Headphones input- Instead of your child listening for signals from the regular speakers, they have an option of hearing audio signals from the headphones.

Pre-set ground balance- this saves your child from frustrations of false signals from the ground by ignoring negative signals.

Three search modes-the detector has three search modes: discrimination, all-metal and tone. They enable you to customize the device to hunt for your kid’s target items.

Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector

Why Is the Bounty Tracker TK4 a popular choice for a kids metal detector? ?

  • Great for starters : easy to use interface makes it a great device for starters or kids. 
  • Not expensive 
  • Lightweight - Kids wont have any issues carrying this detector as it weighs under 3 lbs
  • 5 year warranty practically guarantees you have a well built metal detector

Bounty Hunter Quicksilver metal detector

Bounty Hunter QuickSilver: This is another under-8 kid’s metal detector with features from the other two and more advanced ones that include:

LCD Screen-The LCD screen is an upgrade of the analog meter. It outputs more relevant information about the detected metal as well as the gadget such as an estimate of target depth, discrimination settings and battery level.

Depth Indicator- This is a feature dedicated to estimating the depth of the target in the ground in order for your child to know how far they are going to dig. 

Tones- The Quicksilver has three audio tones unlike the Tracker IV with two –the high and low tone. The detector’s low, medium and high tones facilitate differentiation between high valuable metals and trash.

bounty hunter quick silver

Pros and cons of the Bounty Hunter Quicksilver 

  • Quick to use
  • Affordable
  • Easy to read Screen
  • No high end features
  • Limited options to operate

Do not forget that your under 8 year old child will not have the same view of the kids metal detector as you will, to them it is more of a toy. However that does not mean you should get them a toy metal detector instead, invest more in balloons, bells and whistles to decorate the gadget. The ornaments will absolutely capture their attention and will be interested to use the detector.

Also, do not be intimidated by a kids metal detector with more advanced features, since a child can still learn how to use the gadget and will grow into it. In fact, they can still use it when they are young adults or share it with their older siblings.

Kids metal detector

Here are some of the popular metal detectors for kids over 9 years old:

For kids who are 9 years old or above, metal detectors with more advanced features moving towards a professional type detector would be suitable. In fact, some of these detectors might also be suitable for adults. These metal detectors are often moderately priced and are simple to operate. 

The 9 and above kids metal detectors are much larger than and not as compact as the ones meant for younger children.

Minelab X-terra 305 metal detector

Minelab X-terra 305 metal detector: If you have some cash to spare, the Minelab X-terra 305 is the premium standard for kids metal detectors. It comes with the latest technology in the manufacturing industry.

Minelab X-TERRA 305 Metal Detector _ Hobbyist Metal Detectors _ Gat

Pros and cons of the Minelab X-terra 305

  • Amazing features unique to this model ( multi-frequency coils, multi-tone targeting) 
  • Good battery life
  • Lightweight
  • No graphic target ID
  • Complex interface
  • No headpones , No batteries included

Fisher F22 metal detector

Fisher F22: This is a suitable device for young adults who are beginners at treasure hunting. It is an all-round gadget with additional discrimination features, target ID capabilities, modes and is available at an affordable price. However, compared to the Comprade weighing 2.2 lbs, the F22 might be a little bit heavy for your teenager as it weighs just above 4 lbs.

C:\Users\BE015351\Desktop\Fisher F22 Weatherproof Metal Detector with Submersible Search Coil

Pros and cons of the Fisher F22

  • Easy to use
  • Iron Audio
  • Built to last
  • Weatherproof
  • Weight ( > 4 lbs)
  • No manual ground balance

Tesoro Compadre metal detector

Tesoro Compadre: This is an incredibly improved and complete gadget used by teenagers and professionals mostly as their secondary metal detector. It is an affordable, very simple to use and a light-weight device.

To ensure the device withstands wear and tear, it is built in a tank-design. Plus, you can choose either of the provided coil sizes: 8" and 5.75”.

metal detector-Tesoro-Compadre-15

Pros and cons of the Tesoro Compadre

  • Powerful
  • Lightweight (2.2 lbs)
  • Built to last
  • Only One knob used to operate
  • No big screen

Conclusion : There are plenty of options to find the right metal detector for your child

There is a pool of metal detectors for kids but your child deserves more than just a detector. It should introduce your child the thrilling adventure of discovering buried metals as well as help you to make unforgettable memories with them. Consequently, they may end up loving the activity and metal detecting becomes a hobby of theirs even as adults.

Therefore, consider a kids metal detector that he or she can learn to use easily and lightweight while it remains useful even as they grow.

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