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Expert guide to finding the best metal detector pinpointer

If treasure hunting were laid out as a process, finding the target would be the first part while digging and bringing out the item would be the second. Therefore, while metal detectors play a major role in locating your target, so does a pinpointer in isolating it and speeding up its obtainment.

You are probably wondering why and how a pinpointer device does work while your metal detector can narrow down the location of your target for you get it. Here is why: a metal detector pinpointer, also known as a probe, will allow you detect and dig out a sizable hole to reach a smaller target like a coin easily compared to when you are using a metal detector 8” coil. The pinpointer is more specific on the direction of your target once you insert it in the hole you have begun digging. This also ensures you do not damage your treasure in the process of recovering it.

In general, a probe is especially important for a newbie when using a metal detector. It will aid you to zero in on the where your target is within the field.

What is the Best Metal Detector Pinpointer?

The best device is usually the one most suitable for you. So in order for you to get the best metal detector pointer, there are certain factors that you will consider. Also, compare current models available in the market by checking out their features and performance, and that is what this article aims to help you with.

Factors to consider when choosing a pinpointing device include:

The environment in which it is going to be used

The area of application for a pinpointer is a major dictator of the type of device you should get. If you are hunting in a body of water, it is essential that you find a fully waterproof or a minimally water resistant pinpointer metal detector.  Also, it should be lightweight such that you can easily snorkel with it.

Type of signal

Most pinpointers come with one of three signal response: audio, vibration, or even light. Here, you can choose the one that suits you or your strongest sense. Metal detectors with buzzer alarm as an indication of a metal target are most preferred.

Other than signaling for targets, your probe should also have an LED light for indication of its power state and its location on the field at night. Normally, red indicates low power while green shows sufficient power. Nevertheless, a good probe ought to have a rechargeable lithium battery.

The depth of the target

If you are in search of metallic items, a metal detector pinpointer with better ID precision is more suitable. The task to identify specific locations of a target that is meters below requires a more powerful probe. For instance, those with a pulse induction circuit like the DetectorPro Pistol Probe.

Comparative table for the best


Product Features More info
Garrett Pro Pointer AT


  • Fully waterproof to 10 feet
  • orange color
  • Maximum Sensitivity
  • Fast Retune
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Deteknix XPointer


  • Water resist construction
  • Audio and vibration indication depends on target distance
  • Led flashing light 
  • Adjustable sensitivity by press button
  • Color: orange
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Makro Waterproof Pinpointer


  • Meet the IP67 waterproof standard
  • Maximum performance in any environment
  • 3 different target alert options
  • comes with two hard-shell cases
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XP MI-6 Pinpointer


  • Submersible up to 20 feet
  • Audio Tone Adjustments
  • Pinpointing, target zoom graph
  • Connection via radio link to the DEUS
  • Rechargeable Lithium
  • Polymer battery
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Teknetics Pinpointer


  • A proportional response, Retune
  • Adjustable LED light, Auto shutdown
  • Pulse Induction, Beep, vibrate, or both,
  • Lost mode alarm,
  • Single button operation
  • 3 sensitivity levels
  • 2-AA batteries, belt holster included
  • Constructed from special Abrasion-resistant materials 
  • Read more
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2018 Metal Detectors Pinpointer Review

Garrett Pro Pointer AT

This is the latest improved version of the Garret Pro Pointer. The Garret Pointer AT can be used in most landscapes, from bodies of water to rough fields, and hence the initials “AT”all-terrain. You can use the pinpointer in bodies of water up to 10 feet, in swamps, muddy puddles, and even when it is raining. Also, when it comes to cleaning it, you can wash it as thoroughly as your dishes even without having to cover the speaker hole.

This Garret is embedded with current technology on modes of manual sensitivity adjustment. It has three sensitivity modes: high, low and medium. This advancement enables you to find small targets like coins that are deep underground.

The Pro Pointer AT has the manual retune function that facilitates narrowing down of the signal.  Therefore, you can easily find a more exact location of your target.

This pinpointer is perfect for diving and underwater hunting. It comes in a bright orange color that ensures its easy detection. It weighs 6.5 oz making it easy to carry while swimming.

In addition, the Garrett Pro Pointer AT has a 30-hour 9V alkaline battery life meaning you have extra power that exceeds even a day. Plus, it comes with a two-year warranty.

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Deteknix XPointer

The Deteknix is a sister to the Pro Pointer AT but from another family. Both have quite a number of similar features including the adjustable sensitivity function, however, the Deteknix XPointer is more affordable.

The XPointer is one solid probe when it comes to providing positive signals. Even when you put pressure on the tip, it does not produce negative signals. Therefore, when sifting dirt in a hole and you unknowingly press the gadget down with a lot of pressure, you need not worry about false signals.

The Deteknix pinpointer ensures that you can still hunt even when the sun goes down. Thanks to its superior LED light that shines brighter, you can use the probe at dusk, in dense woods, and on dark, cloudy days.

Also, you do not have to settle for one color. The XPointer comes in multiple colors that include orange, black, camo, and grey. This gadget is a true lightweight, weighing only 4.7 oz, and comes with a one-year warranty.

Sadly, the Deteknix XPointer is not waterproof.

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Makro Waterproof Pinpointer

The Makro has a number of similar features to the previous first two probes. It has three adjustable audio response modes that include audio only, vibration only and both audio and vibration. However, Makro is waterproof only up to 3-feet.

It has four levels of sensitivity control that are adjustable by the two buttons at the top (not at the side). This ensures maximum target detection regardless of the conditions or terrains.

Unlike most pinpointers, Makro comes with two replaceable hard-shell casings. The smooth case acts as a cover while the other is what you use to sift dirt using its scraping blade. This ensures you have long-term security for your probe.

Other than just a belt holster, the Makro waterproof pinpointer also comes with a finds bag, a sheath-holster, and a shoulder strap. This makes the probe among the best in the market as it tries to solve challenges you, as a treasure hunter, face. For instance, you can use the strap to fix the coil cable.

Finally, Makro weighs 8.3 oz which is super light and has 30-hour battery life. Also, it has a two-year warranty.

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XP MI-6 Pinpointer

The MI-6 pinpointer is another modern waterproof probe. It has a rubber pad covering almost half of it and it’s what makes it waterproof for up to 20 feet, an advantage compared to Makro.

You do not need an XP Deus to use the MI-6 as it is a stand-alone probe. However, you will have a 90-hour battery life if you use it with the Deus and 30-hour life without it. It has a battery power indicator and the lithium battery is rechargeable with a USB cable.

It has two audio modes that include the pitch and pause mode. The pitch mode intensifies as you get to your target, hence it is very efficient in finding the target quickly.

The MI-6 comes with a recovery mode which allows you to recover your probe even when it is switched off for a week or two.

You can pair your XP pinpointer to the Deus with one touch. Also, you get to manipulate different levels of adjustments of the probe (tones, 50 levels of sensitivity) through the Deus.

Changing the settings is reliant on a button sequence which can be hard to master, especially for a newbie.

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Teknetics Pinpointer

Teknetics is popularly preferred due to its reduced sensitivity. Therefore, it is suitable if you are hunting where there are numerous minerals or low-quality metals. It facilitates detection of metal objects more deeply covered compared to most probes as well as provides accurate location of where the main target is.

It has three levels of sensitivity: audio only, vibration, or both vibration and audio. Alike to most probes, the Teknetics has 30-hours battery life

It has 16 different frequency shifts, meaning you can adjust it and minimize its effect on the detector where fourteen out of the sixteen become quite high.

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Other alternatives

If you feel you still have not found your ideal metal detector pinpointer, check out the following:

•    Whites Bullseye TRX

  • The go-to probe for maximum depth
  • no worries about false signals


•    Nokta Pointer Pinpointer-

  • Waterproof;
  • Achieve high sensitivity
  • Has 30-hour battery life


•    Fisher Pinpointer

  • 10 inches long;
  • Adjustable sensitivity by one knob
  • The audio tune gets louder as you approach the target


•    Minelab Pro

  • Find 25-more expensive;
  • The origin of sensitivity adjustment;
  • Minimized disturbance thus perfect for a public place



•    Bounty Hunter Pinpointer

  • From a known company;
  • Sensitivity can be adjusted
  • Audio tone vibrates as you get close to the target



Finding the right pinpointer should not be overly complicated. Make sure you consider your budget and the features you want, then, you can never go wrong.

Metal detector pinpointers are a great complement to your detector. With their functionality and features, you get to find more treasure and with total ease while you enjoy hunting. A probe can help you refund the cost of buying it.

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