How To Choose The Right Metal Detector Wand For Treasure Hunting

If you’re a veteran dirt fisher, or just starting out as an amateur treasure hunter, you have probably wondered about the precision and convenience of a handheld
metal detector wand for use in your adventures. Before you go out and splurge on one, here are some things you need to know about the different types of metal detector wands.

General Purpose
If you are mainly going to hunt for items such as coins, jewelry and smaller items, a general purpose metal detector wand may be all you need. These are ideal for those just starting out, as they are usually the most affordably priced wands. They are handy to have around the house too, since you can seek out lost metal items (like those car keys) with them.

Hunting with your kids
When you are looking for a great hobby to enjoy together with our kids, treasurehunting can be a great option. Look for a good kids metal detector and get started with a new hobby that will allow you to spend quality time outdoors with your kid

Professional Hunting
If you are serious about treasure hunting, then check out professional grade metal detector wands. Generally, you will be able to scan much deeper than with a general purpose wand, up to 100 feet below the surface. They also have a larger scan area, which means you can more effectively search a bigger swath of land. These used to be very expensive, and not affordable for hobbyists, but more and more are coming on the market at a lower, more accessible price. Still, for those of you just starting out, you may want to hold off until you get the hang of things, or really know that you want to continue on with metal detecting.

Water Hunting
Planning on hunting on the beach? Want to do a few treasure hunting dives? Then you’ll need a waterproof metal detector wand. Some other models are water resistant, so can be used in rainy and wet conditions, but cannot be submerged. Other models can have the probe submerged, but the switch box must remain dry. Look for a completely waterproof housing, and you’ll be beeping away whether looking in the surf or diving to the bottom.

Gold Hunting
If you’re a gold hunter, then you need a metal detector wand that is designed to detect gold. Most standard metal detectors do not find gold very well. You can find gold metal detectors of all sorts, from scanning for veins to searching the depths of the earth for larger nuggets.

Relic Hunting
Uncovering relics is a real challenge because often they are not complete and whole. You may need to seek out minuscule pieces in shallow ground, or artifacts large as a cannonball several feet deep. Look for a metal detector wand that is capable of locating targets of all sizes, and with a good audio response signal that will indicate targets at various depths. Make sure it takes both small and large search coils and has automatic ground balance.

No matter what type of metal detector wand you ultimately want or need, make sure that the battery life is sufficient. A headset adaptor is also a handy feature, so you can hunt discretely with a headset. Finally, look for a metal detector wand with a warranty of at least two years.