What to Look For In Metal Detectors


First, it is important that you understand a few detecting concepts to help you purchase metal detectors that can serve you better. Look for the following features:

Design and Performance

There is no single metal detector that is suited for all purposes. Thus, you need to make a decision of the search coil you want to buy depending on the purpose to which it should be put to. Most of the entry level detectors available on the market are concentrically constructed even though you can buy those that are elliptical in shape. They make use of an internal construction referred to as double D.

The DD coils are designed to emit their search fields vertically into the ground and are designed to be used for all purposes. The shape allows the detector to cover a larger area in one search. They are designed to operate in different frequencies thus it is necessary that you pay attention to the frequency.


Ensure that you check the usability of the detector.   The best ones are those that are comfortable to use. Comfort ability refers to how easy it is to carry and move the detector a round. The weight of the detector should not be so high. A lighter detector of about 3 pounds is easy to carry around and use.

Help and Support

This is an important aspect that is often overlooked. If the manufacturer offers support on the detector, it can really make a difference. Check if it has a warranty or not. Any metal detector that has less than 5 years warranty may not be ideal for you. Buy brands that have a good instructional video.

The following are metal detector reviews that can guide you on the brand to choose.

Fisher Metal Detector

Fisher has been a household name and a leading metal detector that has been in use for the past 80 years. Fisher is known to provide the latest technology that will give you the service you may be looking for in metal detectors. You will find many types of metal detectors on the market but you must choose one that is right for you. They range from professional to waterproof metal detectors. You can choose either of them depending on the amount of money you are willing to spend. Just consider a few factors such as whom will use the detectors, how often they will use it and how long the metal detector should be used.

Garrett Metal Detector

Consider choosing a garret metal detector that best meets your needs. Garrett has categorized their metal detectors into those meant for military operations, security and hobby. Consider your needs before choosing the detector that can serve you. There are many types of Garrett detectors. The most common ones include:


Bounty Hunter Metal Detector

This is one of the brands that you will easily find on the market. It comes in different models and is the best metal detector option available. It can be used for detecting metals and underground objects including those hidden in the sand or water. It can help you to easily find precious metals and any relics you may be searching for. Bounty hunter metal detectors come in many sizes, settings, and weight. You can also get digital or analog detector with a dial gauge. They have an arm cuff that reduces fatigue especially if you are to use it for a long period of time.


Whites Metal Detector

Whites is a metal detector manufacturing firm that stocks a wide range of detectors brands including the brands that are considered all purpose metal detectors as well as professional metal detectors. They manufacture gold detectors, relic detectors and relic’s detectors. The gold detectors can be used to find gold while the hybrid detectors are meant to be used on the beach to detect treasure of all kinds. They can also be used in old ruins, and battle fields.

If you are a hobby enthusiast or looking for metal detectors that can help you enhance your security, you will certainly find this metal detector reviews informative. Ensure that you get a brand that certifies your needs.

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