White’s Coinmaster Metal Detector Review

White's Coinmaster Metal Detector is most used to find coins and jewelry. It has a low weight of 2.5 pounds so you can comfortably use it the entire day. It operates on two 9v batteries. You can also use it on the beach because it has a waterproof coil. While hunting the target id shows you what targets you are finding so this makes your life a whole lot easier.

Features & Benefits of the coinmaster metal detector

Some notable features of  the coinmaster metal detector

  • Target ID-hear & see targets
  • Depth Reading- screen shows you how deep to dig
  • Pinpoint/All-Metal Mode-makes locating targets a snap
  • Rugged Water-Resistant Box -
  • just 2.5lbs 

Pros and cons of the coinmaster metal detector

  • Very easy to use
  • Very nice display
  • Lightweight unit

  • Not always the most accurate readings

What Others Say about the Coinmaster

We went over 50 customer reviews we were able to find on the internet. Overall more than 90% of the buyers seemed really pleased with their purchase. The White's coinmaster metal detector got a rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

The top positive review was this one :

This is my first metal detector and can say is my favorite. As the name of item implies this metal detector has incredible accuracy for finding coins in the ground. The discrimination setting makes it very easy to filter nails and pull tabs so one can do searching for coins only. The sensitivity level is quite a wide range and allows to deal with various different kinds of ground mineralization types. The pinpoint is much better than my mom's Garrett 1350 as with this detector you only need to push the pinpoint button once and it will stay in pinpoint mode until you press it again to resume normal operation. Small plastic plug in right side of detector that pulls out with a little twist where you can place headphones and may it be noted that you need an adapter to get the headphones to correctly fit into this device. Was quite surprised when I opened box and found a treasure guide book, 25 best kept secrets, a warranty card that needs to be filled out and mailed and a catalog of metal detectors and accessories.

Detector is well worth the money and everything you get in the package. This would make a great gift or for personal usage for any age. Assembly is quite simple and is shown how to do in the short manual included with detector.

The top critical review was the following:
i used it one time and one week later it would not power up. checked the batteries and changed them even though they tested good. still nothing. the thing is in order for me to exchange this item i am forced to take time out of my very busy schedule and figure out how and where to do that, not to mention the planned event that failed due to the metal detectors malfunction, you can't get that time back. all in all i should not have bought an item like thin online number one and number two i will definitly never buy a white's product again.

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