White’s MXT All Pro metal detector Review

White's MXT All Pro metal detector combines both new features and technology with the well known performance of the MXT line. It has a new keypad, very clear backlit lcd screen and ground grab settings lock. It can be used to find relics, jewelry or coins. It does weigh 6.42 pounds and needs 8 AA batteries to operate but you get a lot of versatility in return.

Some notable features of White's MXT all pro metal detector

  • Backlit Display- for hunting in low light conditions
  • Tone I.D.-Seven tones to I.D. targets before you dig
  • Relic Mode, Prospecting Mode, Coin/Jewelry Mode
  •  Automatic Ground Balance

Pros and cons of white's MXt all pro metal detector

  • High quality targets
  • Auto ground balance works great
  • Easy to learn
  • Pinpoint is dead on
  • well balanced

  • Very heavy
  • ID is often wrong
  • Difficult to use without headphones
  • The top cuff rattles and feels loose

What Others Say White's mxt all pro

We went over 10 customer reviews we were able to find on the internet. Overall more than 80% of the buyers seemed really pleased with their purchase. The Bounty Hunter tracker IV got a rating of 3,7 out of 5 stars.

The top positive review was this one :

If you are looking at this detector as your next detector then you already know White's reputation for building good detectors, and this is another one. But there are a few shortcomings that potential buyers should know about. First and foremost is that this detector is not weatherproof at all. There have been many days I've had to leave it at home because of possible rain in the forecast even thought it would have been my preferred detector to use. The detector does not come with headphones but those are easily obtained. But when you plug them in, you will find you need to unplug them every time you need to get into the battery compartment. Another problem area is the control knobs. Once you buy your headphones you will soon discover that when you bend over to recover a target, the cord for the headphones will brush the control knobs, sometimes moving them off of the settings you have selected. And the cord will sometimes even move the two toggle switches. These are shortcomings that could have easily been foreseen and prevented by the White's engineers. It is very irritating to have to be constantly monitoring your control settings instead of focusing on what the detector is telling you. When it gives you silence, you should start looking around for a bad setting. On the flip side, this detector has an easy learning curve which is a real plus. I think I probably would have been just as happy with a MXT from this manufacturer.

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