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When you are all set and ready for your treasure hunt, you need to lay some ground rules. Or have the right gear at least. Having the right equipment for the job has a lot of impact on the outcome that you will get in your hunt. So, what is the complete checklist for the right equipment? Does the Whites MXT top your list?

The metal detector industry is not that much saturated with products, though there are certain products that are customized for beginners, intermediates and experts. Depending on your level of experience landing on a great metal detector to assist your treasure hunt experience should be vital. One great equipment is the Whites MXT.

Background to the MXT metal Detector

The Whites is a family owned American electronic company based in Oregon and has a second facility in Inverness in Scotland that serves Europe and Asia.  The Whites MXT metal detector is per se a modern equipment and a revolution to metal detecting. If you have heard of the Whites Company before you would know they offer one of the best quality equipment and the Pro metal detector does not fall short of the quality they offer. It is well built and the features on this product cannot run short of praise. From the keypad, the backlit display, Ground Grab settings and the response plus frequency is just superb.

The variety of treasure you could harvest with this gadget is also phenomenal; it is fitted with three programs that target specific treasures or metals at certain frequencies. The tone and audio frequencies will help expedite the hunting process for relics, gold or jewelry.

So, is this your metal detector?

It is said that one man’s meat is another man’s poison, so how would you know that this is your ideal metal detector? Well, ideally this metal detector was designed for enthusiasts in the treasure hunting niche. You must have some prior knowledge on metal hunting in order to go for this device. Its price is a great factor that will deter most inexperienced hunters or people who are going to relic, gold or jewelry hunting just for the sake of it.

Its weight is another factor that you should put into perspective while analyzing whether the White Pro metal detector is your gadget. It weighs approximately 4.2 lbs. which translates to almost 2kgs. For some this might be too heavy considering that they will have to carry the device for longer distances for them to have the ideal hunt, but for some it is a light weight to carry considering the fact that it will pay off.

So, if the White’s Whites MXT is your metal detector of choice,  let’s take a dive into its features.

Features & Benefits of the White’s MXT

The Whites MXT is arguably a top contender among the metal detectors used by intermediate as well as seasoned hunters. Just by the look, the knob filled handle, the ultimate built material as well as the overall appearance looks impressive and appropriately sophisticated for a serious hunter.

It features one metal that has three separate modes of operation that is easily switched by toggling between prospecting, coin or jewelry and relic depending on your hunt cravings. For each search mode, there are optical search and assessment modes on the knobs as well as the Mixed Mode Audio, Disc Notch or the VCO.

When it comes to its multi functionality, it is one of the detectors in the market that is consistently able to find gold nuggets with ease. Considering the fact that most metal detectors have a hard time when it comes to soil that is mineralized, gold and relic hunting becomes very simple with the MXT. Once you understand the language and you are conversant with the device, it all comes down easily.

Some notable features of the Whites MXT metal detector are:

  • The backlit display: This is one of the most notable features of the Whites MXT. With the backlit display hunting for longer periods more so when there is low lighting conditions is made possible.
  • Three easy search modes: As stated above, the Whites MXT has three search modes that is the relic, prospecting and coin/jewelry mode that eases the hassle of searching for treasures that are not worthy.
  • Automatic Ground Balance: The MXT white features a 9.5″ Eclipse 950 Search Coil which has a great automatic balance in whatever ground forms from Mountain minerals to salt water.
  • Seven ID tones: This feature is generally overlooked but it is very important. With the varying tones, you can easily tell when a specific treasure is located even before the digging begins.
  • Audio: The device features built in internal speakers as well as a headphone jack that makes it possible not to miss any of the tones.
  • High sensitivity:  The Whites MXT features a high frequency of 14 kHz which makes the hunt more interesting and easy to locate metals.
  • Total Weight: The device has a built in weight of 4.2 lbs (1.9kgs) making it a very light and easy to handle device.
  • Ease of use: The MXT is a very simple yet sophisticated device that has a very small learning curve as compared with the hassle you will go through in order to understand and interpret data on other metal detectors. Once you unbox it, you will have to make some minimal adjustments and there you go.
  • Large display screen: It features a nice and large display screen that makes it almost impossible to miss any data as well as caters for people that might have issues with their eyesight.

What Others Say about the Whites MXT

Among most amazon buyers, the Whites MXT is a rather great product with many people giving it an average of 3.7 to 5 stars depending on the selected vendor. Most of the customers are satisfied with their purchases and are very thrilled to own this piece and left some great reviews.

One customer had much appreciation for the device and stated the reason they bought is because of the great reputation the Whites have in making great products. He was impressed with the digital readout as well as the tonal settings. The three mode selections were very impressive as well as its ground balance feature made him love the Whites MXT. The scale and readout according to him were very accurate and precise. Also an impressive feature according to the customer was the battery life which takes the double A batteries and will go for about 20 hours.

Another customer also expressed their confidence in the White’s company and was among the major reasons they bought the device. The device manual and ease of use was a major reason they loved the device. The accuracy too was very impressive and highly recommended.

The Possible constraints about the MXT

All the above being said, definitely there are some possible downsides about the machine. As highlighted before,

Weight: The weight might be a great constraint for some people. Even when well balanced, and plan to be in the field all day for a good harvest, the weight might be a very concerning factor to put in place. Though on the positive side, you can opt to switch the coils to a lighter coil of  maybe the 5.3 inches  which will help in reducing some weight.

Noisy: Some people complain that it might be very noisy and sensitive to small target which might be a distraction to the main goal, but it is rather advised to carry the headphones which are easy to distinct tones. Though, as soon as you understand its language, all the noises are easy to rule out.

Low frequency on gold mode: In comparison with other gold detectors in the market, the 14kHz is a rather low frequency. The Whites GMT has a rather higher frequency for the gold detecting mode and might be a great consideration for this choice. This does not mean you will not harvest gold with the MXT. It is rather in comparison with other machines. Though, the frequency is great for the relic and coin/jewelry modes.

Price: The MXT goes for a rather high price compared to other devices. This can be a great deterrent, but for experienced hunters and someone that appreciates the value of their money, this is a good deal for your hunting experience.

Buying advise

You can easily purchase the Whites MXT from amazon and you will have it with free shipping on amazon prime. Though, you could look for various offers and discounts that may elsewhere be available. It is also very important to note that this product is rather pricey and serious or passionate treasure hunters are pitched for.

Final Verdict

For those looking forward to start serious treasure hunting, this is a great deal. It is recommended for intermediate and expert hunters though still appropriate for beginners. All in all, it is worth every cent spent on it.

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